Kat(i)e (astraevirgo) wrote,

Here is what I did do today: parented soothed and fed Sylvia through the night,
cuddled and slept in with my husband,
went to stats class,
met briefly with my Detroit project group,
went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning (no cavities),
parented Sylvia through two naps,
napped during the second nap,
finished my problem set,
had leftovers for dinner as a family,
put Sylvia to bed,
measured my foot for new shoes (then decided to go try stuff on instead of ordering on the internet),
prepped for longer Detroit project meeting tomorrow,
wrote out a schedule for tomorrow and a tentative one for the weekend, made a list of the assignments for next week,
moved the clutter around on my desk,
castigated myself for getting nothing done,
posted about it on Facebook,
made this list,
and I am going to shower and sleep.

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