Kat(i)e (astraevirgo) wrote,

internship search

I believe my internship search currently looks like this:


New Urban Learning (charter school management company) -- applied, interviewed, rejected


google internet policy fellowship -- applied, no word, long shot anyway


detroit economic growth corporation -- applied, follow up email sent, reply said they're working on it


city of detroit planning and development department -- applied, follow up email sent, reply said they're working on it


state of michigan -- applied, phone interview tomorrow (supposedly)


institute for Women's policy research -- applied, phone interview, told that i would be recommended and hear soon, waiting for final word


workforce intelligence network -- applied, they sent me an email saying they had grants to finish and they hadn't forgotten about me.


detroit parent network -- friend asked her friend if she was interested in interns, friend said yes, sent resume, no reply (yet)


looking at my email out box, that's apparently it. i thought there was more. i wish i had more firm things. :-(


but, on the other hand, i am a desirable intern!

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